Asian Terminals Inc. will be implementing 1-Stop’s Points Payment System (PPS) effective March 16, 2020. By March 16, registered TABS users can only top-up points and make bookings using the PPS facility.

In order for a seamless transition to the new system, please note that users can begin to top up on their accounts as early as March 2, 2020. Please top-up points on your account by then so that come March 16, you can already book using the PPS. From now until March 15, users will still be allowed to book with TABS using the former system; however, effectively by March 16, 2020, bookings can only be accepted using the PPS system.

Meantime, please click on the below links to view information (including FAQs) about the Points Payment System.

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Points Payment System Process Flow for ATI Brokers

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How to Top-Up Points for ATI Brokers

How to Print a Payment Receipt 

How Points are used for Booking System Transactions for ATI 

Where to get help



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