An electronic
platform for booking containers in the major international ports of Manila



TABS is an electronic platform for booking containers in the major international ports of Manila.

TABS is a collaborative solution from the Manila government and supply-chain stakeholders, in partnership with Australia’s 1-Stop Connections Pty Ltd. (1-Stop), in response to the truck ban and road policies that were introduced by the local government in 2014 to combat the congestion in Manila. With TABS in place at both the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT) and Asian Terminals, Inc. (ATI) terminals, a more organized in- and out-flow of containerized cargoes from both terminals is expected for a more efficient and productive Philippine supply-chain.


How will you benefit from TABS?


You will be able to plan for appropriate resources due to predictable volume and schedule

Reduced Queues

There will be reduced queues at the port since there will be enough yard resources to serve all trucks within their appointment window

24/7 Management

Experience a managed and consistent flow of trucks spread throughout a 24-by-7 period

Proactive Alternative

It’s a proactive alternative to counterproductive truck bans

Real Time

Find real time information on container statuses

Mobile App

Check information anywhere on your mobile device via the App


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How do I access TABS?

Go to and click on the “Logon” button for the terminal you want to work with.  Enter the username and password that was emailed to you after registering and hit Enter.

How do I make a TABS booking?

Once you’re logged in, Upload container numbers, Search for available bookings and then Confirm the booking.

What do I need to do to get into the port?

You must make a booking through TABS. Make sure that you’ve registered for a username and password, and that you have access to TABS. If you don’t make a booking you will not be able to get into the port to drop off or pick up your container.

What happens if I don’t have a booking?

You will not be able to get into the port to drop off or pick up your container.

What’s changing?

The menu: Click on “Containers List” instead of having those two options as separate items.

The Container List screen: We packed this screen with so many features now, so you can do what you need to without having to go in and out of the screen.

The Booking process: An easier and faster way of booking, even if you’re on a mobile device.

Download the TABS – Container List Fast Facts May 2016 to see the changes in detail.

Where can I go to for help?

Have a read of the user guides:

You can find the terminal phone and email details on the Contact Us page.

Why are the screens changing?

1-Stop is committed to making your life and work simpler, which is why we’re always finding ways to create a more effective and efficient way for you to pick up and drop off your cargo.

You’ve told us that the container list and booking screens could be improved.

Specifically, some of the problems you were experiencing were:

  • You had to click back and forward through screens to make bookings
  • There is not enough information in the container list
  • It is not possible to make a booking using a mobile device
  • Within the container list, it is possible to find a view the containers but not the bookings.

So we’ve changed it to suit your needs.

Why can’t I drag and drop the containers on to a slot anymore?
  1. When you dragged the container on to the slot, it “locked” that slot and made it disappear from the available slots for other users. This would be good for you if you continued to book, but even if you didn’t, that slot disappeared for others
  2. Drag and drop was only available on the desktop. Our mobile users couldn’t do that on their device

Now, with the click-and-click method, our mobile users can also book, and no slots are locked.

Will I still have to book within a certain time?

Yes.  The same rules apply and you will still see a timer when you go to book.


How do I register for TABS?
  1. Go to and click on the ‘register’ button.
  2. Fill out the form and hit “Register”.
  3. You will receive your username and password in email. Use that to log on.


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