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Use TABS’ Points Payment System (PPS) to view your Points balance, or purchase Points.

All bookings through ATI and MICT require Points to use TABS. For each booking, you’ll need to have a certain number of Points in your account. Your points will increase or decrease as you conduct more and more business transactions.


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Are there any additional charges for topping up an account?

A fixed transaction fee is applied for each top-up. The fee is 20 pesos. VAT is also applied to each top-up.

Can I see my Points Balance?

Yes. Just log in to TABS and go to Points, then Transactions. You will see your account balance at the top of the screen.

How do I top up my account?
  1. Once logged in to TABS, go to Points -> Points Top Up
  2. Tell us how much you’d like to add to your account and press Pay
  3. Select the Payment source and how you’d like to pay

TABS uses the Dragonpay gateway to handle the top-up payments.

How many points do I need?

The Points charges for Bookings will vary based on the time zone and the day.

For example, a booking created for a HIGH demand time zone will cost more points than a Booking created for a LOW demand time zone.

All Points charges for TABS transactions are set by the facility.  You can find out the charges by going to the Points Window in TABS.

Is there a minimum top-up amount?


What are points?

Points are used to pay for business transactions in TABS. For example, when you create a Booking Appointment in TABS, you will need a certain number of points to do so.

What are the payment options for Points Payment System?

With DragonPay, you can pay using your Bank account (online) or Cash payments at any selected counter (Bank or Non-Bank).

Click to see the list of Dragonpay payment channels.

What if I don’t have enough points?

You will need to add points by topping up your account.

Why do I need points?

For both MICT and ATI, if you do not have sufficient Points, you won’t be able to make a booking.


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